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One of the most antagonistic Death Metal bands of all time, Dying Fetus are a band you certainly do not fuck with. Releasing their first record in five years back in June, the band could well have the accolade of the best Death Metal release in a year which has seen a resurgence in the classic vanguard. Needless to say, there’s been some stiff competition. Spreading their brutal gospel, the band have been on tour throughout Europe with the likes of Australian band Disentomb, Beyond Creation and Psycroptic Dying Fetus bring the Wrong Tour To Fuck With to London. Gutted that I missed Distentomb I was there in time for Beyond Creation!


Arriving at London’s Dome tonight, you would be mistaken for thinking that the population of Tufnell Park had barrelled in for Beyond Creation’s performance. Proving once more that they could well be the future of the Technical Death Metal movement, the band are absolutely unstoppable tonight. The whale song-esque fuzz of fretless bass of Hugo Doyon-Karout being a highlight of “Coexistence” working with frontman Kevin Charté’s serene guitar cleans. A resounding roar of approval greets the band following the final riffs of “Fundamental Process”  leaving the Canadians setting the bar incredibly high, personally I cannot wait until we see emergence of new material and from the sounds of it, with an even larger audience, neither can everyone else!


With a line up the likes of tonight’s, the competition is fierce, though each band present might be intimidatingly technical, each hold their own unique qualities. Returning for what seems like the umpteenth time now, Psycroptic are more than familiar with the layout of London’s Dome. As the lights dim, an unfamiliar face is among the band in the form of Lochlan Watt. Though originally skeptical the singer does turn the crowd around but it must be said, having seen the band with Jason Pepiatt several times before, much of the bands stage presence has got to do with his vicious delivery and most importantly his unrelenting MC’ing of sorts.


Nevertheless the likes of “Echoes To Come” as predicted absolutely batter the crowd, with Watt’s vocals more than filling the position. As ever however its the double whammy of brothers Joe and Dave Haley that are a match made in heaven. Followed by the modern classic that is The Inherited Repression number “Carriers of The Plague“. Its the usual affair that we’ve come to expect from Psycroptic, asking if there are any older fans of the band in the crowd and receiving a roar of approval its a resounding yes as the band launch into Scepter of The Ancients tune “The Colour of Sleep” seeing the first real pit of the night really kick off. Ending on the double whammy of “The World Discarded” and as Watt states “the total opposite of the temperature of this room” in “Cold”, Psycroptic predictably wow the crowd but for those, like myself, who have seen the band more than several times on their self titled run, it does leave us wanting some new material, hopefully 2018 will see the band return to the creative front.


Having had four different opportunities to see Dying Fetus in London and somehow missing every single one of them, on my behalf, there couldn’t have been more excitement to see the band take to the stage. Knowing their audience, to our delight, The Dome play almost all of The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Nocturnal save for one track, to warm up for the main act. Impervious scrims flank either side of the immovable tripod that is Dying Fetus, as the house lights dim and the Rocky IV classic of “Hearts on Fire” its an unexpected start to the bands set before the real lights dim and our inexorable trio take to the stage and immediately kick into “From Womb To Waste“. As the final words of “let it die…” ring out, the collision of John Gallagher’s guitar, Sean Beasley’s bass guitar and Trey Williams drums, is the equivalent of throwing a bucket of chum to starving sharks.


With what could well be one of the most hostile album titles I’ve ever heard, Wrong One To Fuck With, couldn’t be a more apt title. Well and truly separating the men from the boys, the trio dive headfirst into new material of “Fixated on Devastation” taunting the audience further followed by “Grotesque Impalement”. The first of many mass head banging moments in those signature half time grooves. Sonically the band are just as devastating as you might imagine a band called Dying Fetus to sound. Gallagher’s nimble guitar flurries cut through the mix in the satanic worship that is “Invert The Idols” proving that the man is just as proficient barrelling out riffs as he is creating the shred unison sections.


Inside The Dome tonight, its smiles and devastation. Crowd surfing more than a few people, it all goes pear shaped for one fan who stays a little too long on stage during “Your Treachery Will Die With You“. Owing to a slightly too handsy security guard, the man almost knocked over Beasley’s rig, no mean feat I might add, but the main mountain forcibly pushes security and the fan out of the way as the fan crowd surfs to safety. You might think that Beasley would be rightfully annoyed but its this sense of “Fuck you security!” that gives the man a sheepish grin. Found in the crowd, security more than just eject the bloke ensuring he’ll have more than just a sore head in the morning but its the perfect preface to “One Shot, One Kill”.


Hard to believe that its been five years since the release of their previous record Reign Supreme, its clearly a fan favourite as the band launch into the bludgeoning “Subjected To A Beating“, though title track from the new album inspires just as much aggression. Its a shocking thing to realise that a band so small is able to create such a ruckus, not to mention that Beasley keeps up with Gallagher’s nimble fretwork and he’s playing BASS! Though sadly, all good things must come to an end, as the band rally their troops for one final track “Opium of The Masses” is thrown out to the crowd seeing the biggest circle pit The Dome has ever seen. Having seen four shows consecutively throughout the weekend, I will admit to be being absolutely exhausted but from the moment that those scrims arrived I received a second wind, something that only the best of bands would be able to do. Having heard of Dying Fetus’ intimidating live reputation, I can wholeheartedly confirm that they are and always will be one of the best Death Metal acts our gruesome world has encountered. Don’t fuck with Dying Fetus.


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