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The Atlanta born, Cloak might well have only been together since 2013 but since then have managed to cultivate a fierce following. Unveiling their first demo simply titled, Demo 2015, following on from this the band then put together and EP in 2016. Combining the likes of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin alongside the likes of Watain and Dissection has led the band to have their own signature sound on their brand new debut album To Venomous Depths.

With the likes of Tribulation and Black Anvil beginning to sprout, you could argue that the Black Metal scene may finally be relenting in their unflinching look at what is considered “Trve”. Wanting to push boundaries even further the Atlanta bunch have put together a comprehensive collection of tracks on their debut album To Venomous Depths. Characterised by the likes of the signature minor key with major overtones the band are well and truly onto something and if their debut is anything to go by, Cloak may not quite be reinventing the wheel but they certainly give it a good spin!

Cloak’s brand new album is out November 10th via Season of Mist. 

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