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Pioneering in every sense of the word, there had never been and quite likely will never be another band like that of Death. Some argue the creators of Death Metal, whilst others chime in with Possessed. Regardless of opinion, the influence that Death as a band have had on Metal as a genre is monumental. Marking twenty nine years since its release Leprosy, one of the bands most revered efforts was released November 16th 1988.

Building on the blood drenched debut that was Scream Bloody Gore, Death slowly but surely began their transformation into a band that would see genre boundaries pushed in the name of experimentation. With the eight tracks that were put forward, Metal jukeboxes the world over would have their staples. The likes of “Pull The Plug”, “Left To Die” and “Choke On It” all now classics the world over. The line up featured Chuck Schuldiner, Rick Rozz and Bill Andrews, perhaps not the most infamous of the Death line ups, yet still not to be snivelled at. Without their contribution, there might not have been the evolution that was between Leprosy and Spiritual Healing.

Acting as a perfect precursor to the more politically and theoretical oriented lyrics, Leprosy was an absolute tour de force and an album that will go down in history forever as one of Death Metal’s absolute best.

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