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Diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis, the world changed for Joey Jordison. Following an incredibly hard fought recovery, from what can be a permanently debilitating neurological condition, Jordison made an emotional yet triumphant return winning 2016’s Metal Hammer Golden God award. Now, Jordison is beginning a new chapter in the form of Vimic.

Fast forward to London’s historical 100 Club, a venue practically built for the intimate performance and tonight is no different. Arriving just support act One For Sorrow charge into the absolutely devastating “Blood Sucker” fans brandishing Slipknot memorabilia are sucked straight in.  Of course it would be hard to not go into Jordison’s past with the arena monsters that are Slipknot but tonight is about more than just rebirth. Returning more defiant than ever, Jordison put together new outfit Vimic. Announcing the band’s debut album Open Your Omen is set for an early 2018 release the band make their live debut in the UK tonight.


Receiving a heroes welcome, tonight Vimic might be performing their first UK show but the atmosphere would make you think the band have been around for years. As lead singer Kalen Chase heads up the sextet, its pedal to mettle from the word go here tonight. Despite some material being currently unreleased, fans lap it up tonight with solos coming thick and fast from guitarist Steve Marshall. Its no wonder that Dave Mustaine lended a hand on “Fail Me (My Temple)“. Having amassed more than one million views single “She Sees Everything” is a perfect example of when the band release their debut, just what it will do for them. With Chase’s vocals working brilliantly alongside the wah style guitars.

Make no mistake, Vimic aren’t simply an attempt to cash in on Jordison’s fame. The outfit has so much more to give and the fans know it. Able to say I was there when Vimic played the 100 Club, this band are destined for big things, particularly if single “My Fate” is anything to go by. With simple introductions, tonight the band are entirely focused on the performance given making for a wonderfully professional show. Alongside the likes of “Empty Handed”, we’re reminded of Jordison’s prowess behind the kit once more, as every snare hit, every crash and every moment is savoured by the drummer. Understanding that this is where he belongs once more, everyone here tonight couldn’t be more excited and overjoyed that Jordison’s back in the drivers seat.  Vimic is not just a side project and tonight is enough to say that 2018 looks set to be an interesting one.

Vimic’s album Open Your Omen is set for an early 2018 release via Universal Music Enterprises and T-Boy Records. 

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