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Saying their farewell on December 29th at Terminal 5 in New York City, one of extreme music’s most innovative bands will be calling it a day. However before we get all emotional, we’ll always have their classic material, none more so than the absolute genius that is Ire Works. Hard to believe that its been ten years since the record was released…

A record that I revisit at least once a month on a regular basis, Ire Works, could very easily be The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s magnum opus. Taking elements that have no become commonplace in their sound, the likes of electronica creeping in on “When Acting As A Particle” and “When Acting As A Wave” not to mention the grooves of “Milk Lizard” the album is the perfect snapshot of everything that Dillinger embody.

Particularly the latter half of the album where the band move into a more melodic territory with the likes of “Mouth of Ghosts” and “Dead as History” and that awesome vocal cameo of Brent Hinds on “Horse Hunter”. It was the perfect platform for the band to truly come into their own and create one of the most diverse sounds in extreme history.

Jam it right now!

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