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For those of you who might have already seen, Apophys are set to ignite 2018 with their brand new album Devoratis. Based around a fascinating concept and original concept drawn up entirely by the band themselves, today Apophys have made their UK premiere for a guitar play through of “Deadlock”.

Featuring guitarists Sanne van Dijk and Dave Meester absolutely shredding their heads off, its plain to see that the band are one of the tightest units in the Netherlands. If you might not be familiar with this absolutely brilliant band, the riffs come in spades and solos thick and fast and “Deadlock” is no different from what we have come to expect following their ferocious Metal Blade debut Prime Incursion. Featuring numerous different options from Tshirts and CD’s to posters. Whatever you do make sure that you don’t sleep on Devoratis. I for one cannnot wait to hear the record and it gives me a huge pleasure to debut the UK exclusive play through video.

Deadlock is one of the most powerful songs on the album. This one definitely packs a punch! As you can see in the video there is some serious riffing going on in this one, they make it look easy but I can tell you it’s not.

Story wise, Deadlock is the chapter where our two main characters meet face to face for the first time. Their embrace is like the embrace of a bear trap. Stuck, painful and possibly fatal..

Impressive stuff. Preorders for the album are also now live before its January 22nd release via Ultimate Massacre Productions.

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