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Their legacy outclasses even the most arduous of Death Metal bands. One of the most influential outfits to come out of the Death Metal scene, Morbid Angel are responsible for some of the best records in the genre. The era defining Altars of Madness, sophomore effort Blessed Are The Sick and of course the classic Covenant. Returning six years at the Illud incident, Morbid Angel are set to reclaim their throne with their brand new album Kingdoms Disdained.

Made up of Steve Tucker on bass and vocals, Scott Fuller on drums and the immortal Trey Azagthoth on guitar, its more than just an imposing line up. Penning eleven tracks together, the band have firmly extinguished the faltering of the past. Here Morbid Angel present to us a study in groove, an understanding of what exactly makes them tick as a band. However it is crucial to remember that this is not the same band who gave us the early classics. Perhaps a better point for me having not been as well acquainted with their material. Hopefully giving me a little more of an unbiased viewpoint to the final product of the record, regardless of who might be in the band.

Watch the video to find out my score out of 5 for Kingdoms Disdained. Please also remember to like and subscribe on YouTube!

Morbid Angel’s Kingdoms Disdained is set for a December 1st release via Silver Linings Music and it makes one hell of a racket. Preorder the album here! 

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