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Whilst the general public might be out in the droves to make sure to get the best sales to date, we Metalhead’s know what Black Friday really stands for! Black Metal of course! So I thought that I would come up with five of my favourite Black Metal tracks and pay homage to the trve kvlt that is Black Metal!


Immortal – “Antarctica” 

Immortal will forever be one of my all time favourites in the Black Metal scene, though some might criticise owing to the likes of the pristine, neat and polished sound the band adopted on their At The Heart of Winter and Sons of Northern Darkness records, personally I like to hear my music! Some of the earlier Black Metal material sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. “Antarctica” however sounds just a brutal as it has done and I mean you can’t really get better than a song that is about the coldest place on earth surely?

Tribulation – “Children of The Night”

The first track that I had ever heard from Stockholm’s best export, it has stayed with me since I first stumbled upon it two years ago. Recently announcing their brand new offering for 2018, the magnificent Down Below,personally I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Tribulation and what they can offer to the Metal scene. Creating something well and truly unique putting forward the styles of Led Zeppelin, Bathory, classic eighties leads and Horror, that sounds like a winning combination to me.

Watain – “Waters of Ain” 

Despite it being just shy of fifteen minutes, this masterpiece is easily one of my favourite Black Metal songs of all time. Bringing together everything that Lawless Darkness had to offer in one beautifully ghoulish morsel, its Black Metal at its most epic and really the song speaks for itself. Nevertheless with a new album confirmed to kick of January 2018 I cannot wait to hear what Watain have cooked up on Trident Wolf Eclipse.

Enslaved – “Entroper”

From the moment the sounds of white noise enters into my ears and the serene violin is pierced with that heroic riff, you know that its got to be Enslaved. One of my all time favourite bands, perhaps when the band began to get the taste for material that was slightly more progressive in nature this is a shining example of the band’s unique talent and remains one of my favourites to date.

Gorgoroth – “Rebirth” 

Perhaps one of the lesser known songs from the titans that are Gorgoroth, I remember picking this record up some seven years ago when it was released. Back in the day when HMV used to have a plethora of Metal titles, this seemed to stick out personally for me. Putting the album on, ever since I have always returned to the classic riff of “Rebirth”. Pained with melody and biting vocals its a perfect encapsulation of Black Metal for me!

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