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One of my all time favourites, Dutch born Textures are sadly calling it a day following this European tour. Having had the very fortunate opportunity to be able to see the band one last time, I sat down with drummer Stef Broks and guitarist Joe Tal for their last ever UK interview. Its gonna get emotional.

Having been together for a total of sixteen years, Textures you could argue have been through it all. Differing line ups that thankfully hadn’t halted the band as their creative tenacity took full hold resulting in their signing to Independent label Nuclear Blast. Releasing one of my favourite albums of 2011, Dualism was when my love affair with the band would begin.

Following a six year absence the band returned with 2015’s absolutely phenomenal Phenotype. Set to be followed up with Genotype this was sadly shelved owing to the band’s recent decision that perhaps enough really was enough. Sitting down with founding members Stef Broks and relative newbie (though five years in a band is hardly new to me!) Joe Tal I went about asking the dynamic duo about just what Textures means to them, what the band had taught them and what they had given to the scene themselves.

Its going to get emotional but here they are, for the last time, its been fun Textures.

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