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Closing out the year with their absolute mind-blowing Ally Pally performance Don Broco are on track for some truly great things, if you were luck enough to be there you’ll know just how mind-blowing of a performance it was, however if not, you’re in luck as the band have made their performance available for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Quickly becoming one of my favourites of the year “T-Shirt Song” could well be Don Broco’s strongest single yet. Coming off their newly announced Technology album set for impact on February 2nd via Sharpton Records.

What the video does better than anyone however is to capture the joyful sense of music that Don Broco have the enviable ability at creating whilst creating a perfect sense of togetherness for fans, who might be from all different walks of life. Prime example being me, a bloke who likes Napalm Death yet has been caught by their allure.

Don Broco will be touring early next year for those who might have missed out on their antics in London!

Don Broco’s brand new album is set for a February 2nd release via Sharpton Records and you can preorder it here! 

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