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Following the release of their Hydrograd album this year, Stone Sour have brought their no nonsense stage show to London’s Brixton Academy to show fans just what Rock ‘n’ Roll and Metal is all about, having a seriously good time.

Originally skeptical due to my somewhat narrow minded Metalhead ways, I wasn’t sure how to take The Pretty Reckless when the band first came on stage. Bringing their brand of Hard Rock to Brixton tonight, it wasn’t long before the venue was cheering the band on. Fronted by Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl fame, its clear to see that the woman is multitalented with the crowd eating up every word of hers. Combined with a dynamic and most importantly incredibly tight rhythm section to back her up and you’ve got a winner. The likes of crowd favourite “Make Me Wanna Die” and after some crowd participation “Going To Hell” hits the mark making them a brilliant warm up for our main act tonight.

Personally one of the biggest redeeming factors to do with Hydrograd was that, it was a band comfortable in their ability and most importantly having fun. Forgetting Corey Taylor’s other bands tonight, their fans might crossover but the mood is incredibly different. Having just moved into the month of December the atmosphere here is one of merriment. As the crowd has thickened, day one of Stone Sour’s two night run is about to get underway. Kicking off with the imperial introduction of “YSIF” before the band appear right into “Taipei Person / Allah Tea” with a visibly animated Corey Taylor firing confetti out of massive canons it truly is a sight to behold.

Moving swiftly from album to album, the changes are seamless save perhaps when the band return to heavier offerings the likes of “30/30-150” whose impact hasn’t lessened even after eleven years. The genius that lies behind Stone Sour however is the band’s choruses making the deafening “Made of Scars” a real belter. Picking favourites from the homeric House of Gold and Bones with “Do Me A Favour” its an interesting mix. However its classic “Get Inside” that gets Brixton’s blood pumping and rightfully so, proving that “Song #3” following deserves just as much attention as the band’s classics.

Most importantly however, you can see that not only the crowd but the band themselves are having the absolute time of their lives. After the temporary introspection that is “Through Glass”, its the British treat of “Children of The Grave” honouring Heavy Metal legends Black Sabbath and as Taylor’s voice hurtles through the Academy its infectious not to smile not to mention their previous intro of The Police’s “Walking On The Moon” its all smiles. Returning for a fitting encore with easily standout moment “Fabuless”. There may well have been a change in the Stone Sour guard but Hydrograd tonight has proven more than its worth in Stone Sour’s lucrative discography and as we begin to move into the festive season, you couldn’t ask for a finer farewell to 2017.

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