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2017 : MY ALBUMS OF THE YEAR : 6 – 10

Following on from last week’s picks which if you missed it kicked things off in suitably brutal fashion, I mean I think that we can all agree that 2017 was the year of Death Metal! I’ve now put together my latest video choosing my next top five in the year.

Trying to be as open as possible to new avenues of music, I decided to include what you might see as the black sheep in the list simply because I’ve not been able to stop listening to the record. Which is usually the way that I can tell whether or not the material is going to be part of my album’s of the year, so it will be interesting if people understand what I might be talking about and give the record a try or just shut it down.

However in my latest picks there’s still all the brutal Death Metal, the otherworldly Prog and of course the battering ram of Hardcore so without further ado, here are my next top 5 albums this year! Come back next week for 11 – 15!

What do you guys think? Do you agree? You can pick up all of these amazing records in my YouTube link. Please make sure to like and subscribe!

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