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Two of the UK’s most exciting bands are banding together to release a brand new EP and I couldn’t be more stoked.

Titled This Is As One, the EP sees both bands put forward two new tracks as well as a live offering from their latest releases available on the LP version. If you’ve seen either Holding Absence or Loathe you’ll know are a force to be reckoned with. Both bands are premiering their respective tracks, which you can check out here! 

Speaking on behalf of Holding Absence, singer Lucas Woodland states :

 “On the EP we’ve tried to embrace the more natural side of our music and not overthink things. It was a very interesting process. We rate Loathe very highly as a creative entity, and I think we resonate together as bands strongly through the way we both regard our own music/art. So it was nice to see all nine members very interested and driven to make this release a thing. On top of that, seeing the inner-workings of another band was eye-opening in a great way. It was a very enriching experience.”

Following on from that Loathe’s guitar mastermind Erik Bickerstaff commented :

“We couldn’t imagine ourselves doing this sort of release alongside anyone else at the moment, so it was definitely a smooth and easy process. We love Holding Absence for everything it is, not just for their music. The EP is something we have wanted to do for a while without doubt. Progression was the main source of inspiration for us, we took this opportunity to really push the boundaries of our music and craft two new songs that are heading in more of a defined direction for our music.”

Personally I think that its great that the two bands, though they might be polar opposites are banding together to support each other’s music regardless of what the genre classification might be.

You can pick up a copy of the split before its February 16th release via Sharptone Records! 

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