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Despite being a fully established, die hard Death Metal fan, The Amity Affliction are a band that have gotten under my skin since the release of their now eponymous 2008 Youngbloods. Hailing from down under, the band were just one of the bands that would come from what I’m calling the New Wave of Australian Metal. Combining the nostalgic leanings of Emo with a Metalcore edge, the dynamic duo of Ahren Stringer and Joel Birch play to each others vocal strengths whilst guitarist Dan Brown rounded off by Ryan Burt on drums.

Fast forward to 2017 and the band are rounding out the year headlining the return of the Kerrang! Tour at London’s The Forum. After seeing the likes of Casey, Boston Manor and the Glaswegian fluorescent fun pop of Vukovi throughout the night, the headliners take to the stage. After a somewhat out of place intro tracks, ending on an extended rendition of Eminem’s  “Without Me“. The lights go out and the iconic bells of “I Bring The Weather With Me” kick the bands set off to a phenomenal start. Moving as one with the band, the crowd below laps up everything the quartet has to offer in the track, showing clearly that fans have been long awaiting Amity’s performance.

Continuing with their energetic streak, the band burst into “Open Letter” working both Stringer and Birch’s respective vocal muscles alongside Chasing Ghosts title track, its easy to see why The Amity Affliction have touched the hearts of so many as their lyrics are sung back at deafening volume. Nevertheless the band do slow it down with the acoustic number of “All Fucked Up” prompting all manner of singalongs. Fan favourite “Pittsburgh” makes a reliable appearance and no doubt a highlight for both crowd and the band its not quite all doom and gloom however! Despite its pretty despondent title “This Could Be Heartbreak” sees a multitude of smiles put forward as the band big their fond farewell to London.

Growing from what was a small band from Australia, The Amity Affliction have come on in leaps and bounds since their inception in 2003. To see the band perform such a brilliant set at The Forum tonight, truly warms the heart. Particularly since I was introduced to the band from a fellow Aussie friend of mine and haven’t looked back since, it seems that the band are following suit. Hats off Amity. See you in 2018.

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