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Arriving at the death of 2017, Silenmara’s brand new EP A Darkened Visionary, couldn’t have come at a better time. Following the trials and tribulations that the band have faced owing to the effect of hurricane Irma and a plethora of family tragedies, its fair to say that the band haven’t had the best year. Glad to see the back of 2017, the band end the year in style with their absolutely brilliant EP A Darkened Visionary.

Formed of six tracks, the band have melded together Gothenburg signature melody with an intricate Progressive Metal counterpoint. Opening the record with “God Particle” its clear to see that the bands tenacity in creation has paid off. A red herring somewhat the album opener consists of vocalist Reggie Miller’s exemplary low end performance, before its crescendo where we see the first glimpse of cleans break through, creating a vivd contrast between both brutality and the finesse that is bands jewel in the crown.

Lead single “Visionary” should be praised for its expert use of melody. Earworms that will stay stuck in your head for days lurk within the track. Exemplary song writing at its finest, the EP never strays into monotonous territory. Hooking the listener right back in with “Rampalian” a track that demands your attention if not from the fierce Haunted style opening. Taking on production duties, luminary producer Jamie King has once again come through for yet another band. Creating contrast between Silenmara’s gorgeous melodies alongside their more weighty riffing.

Though 2017 might not have been the kindest to the band, A Darkened Visionary sees Silenmara round off the year in astounding fashion. Showcasing the absolute best of their ability, A Darkened Visionary is six track wonder that is sure to be a stepping stone to much greater things from this absolutely brilliant band.

Rating : 4/5

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