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Rising through the ranks, The Amity Affliction have fast become one of the premier Australian bands. Touring the world over, the band signed to Roadrunner Records for latest record This Could Be Heartbreak but I found out that for their fans, it means so much more than just a band as Dan Brown tells me in the video.

Sitting down before the doors open at London’s Forum, The Amity Affliction are about to perform their final date of the Kerrang! Tour and their last show of 2017. Sitting with guitarist Dan Brown, I was able to speak to the man about not only what The Amity Affliction’s progress and new album, This Could Be Heartbreak meant to him but about the fierce connection I’ve seen with the band and their fans.

Helping listeners through tough times, the message of The Amity Affliction is one of togetherness. Particularly in a day and age where mental health is becoming more of a recognised issue its more important now than ever to find new ways to help people. See how Dan talks me through both fans and the band themselves and just how the two relate, not to mention talk of a highly anticipated follow up set for a release in 2018.

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