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Vicious, a word that is often thrown around in writing all over the world, in particular that of the Metal genre. Oft overused, the term’s metaphorical fangs have dulled somewhat with its over popularity. Returning after a five year leave of creative absence that was the homeric undertaking of The Wild Hunt, Watain return on January 5th and this, my friends, truly is a vicious album.

Forgoing their Blackened Prog Psychedelia that was The Wild Hunt, this is Watain going back to their venomous basics. From the moment that “Nuclear Alchemy”s snarling riffs come out of the gates its everyone for themselves on this record right up to climax of “The Fire of Power“. Make no mistake, this is Watain as the very epitome of vicious. Burning through eight tracks in 35 minutes, Trident Wolf Eclipse is to Black Metal to what Reign in Blood is to Thrash Metal. No frills, no dressage, Rock and roll and its simply one everyone has to hear.

Check the video below out for my review and make sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

Watain’s brand new album Trident Wolf Eclipse is set for a January 5th release via Century Media. You can preorder the album here.

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