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I recently had the opportunity to get one of my all time favourite bands artwork tattooed on me and I thought that I would take you all along for the ride, especially if you’re a Prog / Black Metal fan…

Releasing one of my favourite records last year, the band in question have been on my little list of material I wanted to get tattooed for quite some time! Not only seeing the band perform back in 2013 but being able to interview the dynamic duo before the show was definitely a highlight.

It even featured this shot where I look like I had a bowl cut! Thats right, its Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved! Following this first meeting I’ve had the fortune to speak to Ivar once again at Bloodstock Festival and on their latest promo tour for the new album. Not only are they both some of the nicest people in Metal but Enslaved have been on a journey for 25 years. Slowly but surely dipping their toes more and more into the realm of Prog it all started for me with Vertebrae.

So first off I want to thank Ivar and Grutle for being absolutely top blokes and in one of the best bands around, thank my good friend Tomasz the tattoo artist but most of all thank the world of music for allowing these guys to do what they love to do and inspiring so many others to do the same. Without further ado come get tattooed with me!

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