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If you missed it on Friday, Judas Priest released their brand new track “Lightning Strike” and its Painkiller levels of goodness.

Set to headline this year’s Bloodstock, I think I am not alone in saying this but that Judas Priest have seriously made us all itching for August to hurry up. Unveiling their brand new single “Lightning Strike” this is vintage Priest at their absolute best and what a single! The guitar solos alone would convert me but its the spirit of the track that brings me the biggest smile. Rob Halford now the age of 66 is still belting out absolute masterpieces and I can’t wait to hear this one live.

Lightning Strike” comes off the band’s brand new album Firepower, which even has all the classic tropes of Judas Priest’s best work. I would imagine it would be because the band have reunited with long time producer Tom Allom and Andy Sneap, a dynamic duo to say the least!

Man I can’t wait. Listen to it now, you won’t regret it!!

Firepower track listing :

1. “Firepower”
2. “Lightning Strike”
3. “Evil Never Dies”
4. “Never The Heroes”
5. “Necromancer”
6. “Children of the Sun”
7. “Guardians”
8. “Rising From Ruins”
9. “Flame Thrower”
10. “Spectre”
11. “Traitors Gate”
12. “No Surrender”
13. “Lone Wolf”
14. “Sea of Red”

Firepower is set for a March 9th release via Columbia. Preorder the record right here! 

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