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Do you remember a time when music was really scary, like really scary? When Metal was that thing that actually went bump in the night? Luminary Swedish act Tribulation once again channel this long lost art of true Horror in Metal with their brand new offering and the results are outstanding.

Following on from their 2015 effort that was the absolutely stupendous Children of The Night, Tribulation are returning once more from the grave. After the departure of previous drummer, Jakob Lindberg, the band have now enlisted Oscar Leander behind the kit and picks up as with a seamless change. Bringing with them the spirit of yesteryear, Down Below, the band’s new full length pleases the die hard vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll soul with the Black Metal trimmings and the combination is a work of absolute genius. The tinkering of piano keys, the flirtatious encounter with electronics, sorrowful leads and ghoulish lyrics lead Down Below to truly transport the listener into this Horror tinged plane, that will be very hard to follow up.

So often in Metal it can be easy to make a ham fisted approach of something as volatile as combining two very different genres of music, yet here Tribulation once more succeed in what could well be their best record to date. Melding the likes of Thin Lizzy style harmonies into a frosty backdrop, one thing is for sure, Tribulation will no doubt be a real advocate for bringing Black Metal to the masses. With the diversity of the likes of Blackgaze becoming a micro genre, there’s room to believe that this most occult of genres could well be in the mainstream at some point. Watch my video review to see what I really thought of the album.

Tribulation’s brand new album is set for a January 26th release via Century Media and you can pick up the record right here! 

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