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The future in the Cynic camp was something that was, to say the least, somewhat uncertain. Today, the band have unveiled a brand new single “Humanoid” and it is everything that us Cynic fans would have ever wanted from the band.

As much as I did like Kindly Bent To Free Us, the production on the guitars was always something that niggled at me, almost to the point of irritation. Now, on this brand new single, the band have not only beefed up the production but have brought their Metal sound firing back. Now Sean Malone, Paul Masvidal and Matt Lynch make their 2018 debut and its genius.

Paul Masvidal, genius mastermind and musician extraordinaire comments on the song :

“‘Humanoid’ is a portrait of contrasts, like those between struggle and stillness, or the immediate against the limitless. Our Stargate is planet Earth — consciousness, the transmitter. We, sentient creatures of light, are alive now — on a sphere, floating in a galaxy fixed amidst the infinite. It’s quite miraculous to be aware of this, and it invokes a sense of urgency and empowerment that is unlike anything else.”

The song is pretty much just as convoluted as that quote but its pieced together so beautifully that its one of those that you’ll be going back to again and again and again.

Consider me seriously, seriously, excited for an album now.

Listen to the track. It’ll take you out of this world. I also love that the lyric video looks like something from Alien with how it fades out. Killer.


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