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The fourth and final part of Obscura mega huge concept series has been finished.

Recording with longtime producer V. Santura, Obscura have penned their fifth and final part of their four part concept album series over at Woodshed Studios in Germany.

Involved with the making of Diluvium, were some pretty special people that included Linus Klausenitzer’s father, Prof. Ulf Klausenitzer who has also worked with the band previously and the return of the Jonas Baumgartl, a key member of Obscura that has put his talent on the cello who also recorded the drums and cello for Retribution.

It all seems as though it is coming to a poetic ending really, though given their response, I doubt that Obscura will be calling it a day but its going to be interesting to see where the band take this new material. Especially because, I’m imagining that if the album series began with the creation of life then surely we all know how its going to end…

I’m also super surprised that the band have put together a new album so quickly after their previous release back in 2015, I mean given that its Obscura! Get excited guys.

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