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Prog has always been the most expansive of genres, none take this sentiment more seriously than Los Angeles’ Perfect Beings, returning with their eighteen mini track odyssey that is Vier. Despite it seeming like a daunting obstacle these eighteen tracks form four major pieces so to speak, each unique in their own quirky way. Elements of Floyd and Genesis peak out throughout the album, particularly in the latter parts of the “Guedra” sequence, where Ryan Hurtgen’s vocals work wonders.

It might well be a daunting run time of 72 minutes and bare in mind this is 72 minutes of Prog we’re talking. However its not all Gentle Giant style vocal harmonies the secluded saxophone of the final section of “Guedra”. Making way for the more cinematic ambience of “The Golden Arc” sounding a close relative to John Williams if perhaps a little darker more malevolent, yet just as easily switching to the likes of Gilmour like Floyd guitar moments. Special mention should go to the Sci-Fi oriented spin of “Vibrational” clocking in at 18 minutes, here is where Perfect Beings truly go out of this world. Introducing electronics all the while remaining true to the core of the album’s sound.

Moving throughout the soundscapes of Prog, of course there are going to be elements of other artists but Perfect Beings are able to craft their own identity with these ambitious songs. Bringing in their own flavour the likes of lucid dreaming of “Vibrational – Everywhere At Once” where as final act “Anunnaki” would sit closer together with the bombast of King Crimson and even a touch of Dream Theater. Giving a poignant regard to the end of the record.

Throughout the labyrinthine odyssey that is Perfect Beings, there is a common thread of absolutely incredible musicianship. Make no mistake, this is hardly an album that you would put on in the background whilst hitting the gym. Perfect Beings have undertaken a serious amount of music on Vier, perhaps the only downfall of the album is its length, if you’re patient enough however, you’ll find lots to enjoy with the record.

RATING : 3.5  / 5

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