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One of the pioneers in what could be considered some of the most Technical Metal in the last ten years, Protest The Hero are by and large responsible for a legion of new Progressive Metal acts that have graced our ears since their inception and it really is hard to believe that Fortress, the second studio album was released a decade ago.

At the time I didn’t quite understand the significance that came with Protest The Hero’s conquest into the world of guitar wizardry, probably because I was just evolving from the nappies of Metalcore into my teenage Metalhead years where I began to discover bands that had gone somewhat further down the wormhole, Meshuggah, I’m looking at you!

However confined to these ten tracks are some of the fledgling ideas combined with the likes of Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Scale The Summit, Between The Buried and Me and even the beginnings of The Contortionist that would bring a new wave of what is considered to be Prog, where the age of technicality would come to be.

Its absolutely mad to think that the first time that I had heard Protest the Hero was when these bands were all making their mark and beginning to break into the mainstream and now, ten years later, each are thriving off each others creativity and its inspiring an even newer wave of bands to take to the creative stage.

So without further ado, here is Protest The Hero’s Fortress – Ten Years Later


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