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They say that good things come in three’s. Arriving just as the huge dubstep stomp of Terror’s intro track is rolled out, I am ashamed to say that I have never seen this band in the live setting despite their infamy. Taking absolutely no prisoners, tonight’s latter half is a celebration of just that Persistence. Three of the most integral Hardcore bands to date, Terror, Madball and Hatebreed have given us a line up that is not to sniffled at.

Bursting onto the stage with an athleticism I wish I had myself, Terror frontman Scott Vogel is commander in chief here before his legion of Hardcore privates. Barrelling out the likes of “Stick Tight” and vicious “Return To Strength” its the anthemic “Keepers of The Faith” that see the band really bring the Hardcore spirit to town tonight. Sonically the band’s attack is faultless, from the thrashing verses to the identikit half time groove sections, the crowd below is a maelstrom of arms and legs. Yet whilst all this chaos is going on, Vogel remains conscious of security making sure that despite the intensity, everyone is having a good time and judging from the looks on everyone’s face (and including mine) Terror, the Slayer of Hardcore could well be the man of the match tonight. Sorry it took so long.

Hopping over to the grimy underbelly of North America, after a quick changeover we’re placed in the care of none other than originators of NYHC, Madball. Less familiar with the band but no less aware of their devastating power tonight, this one is for the old boys. As frontman Freddie Cricien states, after a somewhat bewildered audience hears the first rendition of “Get Out”, we’ve been around for a little while. Yet the band have well and truly kicked the newbie fans into gear appearing with the likes of “Hardcore Lives” and “For My Enemies” even bringing up Terror bassist Jordan Posner for vocals on “Lockdown”.  Its a testament to the bands tenacity and reflects the genre’s ethos. No matter what is thrown at the band, throughout the years Madball have carried on and with this being the final date of what has no doubt been an earth flattening tour, its ending on a high note.

Arguably the Metallica of Hardcore bands, Hatebreed bring with them the begrudging, bullish attitude of Hardcore yet embody the positive ideals that can sometimes be forgotten.  Despite only being four members Hatebreed manage to create the weight behind them of a thousand Slipknot’s here tonight. Its a formidable sight as the band work the stage with the likes of Supremacy classic “To The Threshold” alongside the brutal pummelling of “Last Breath”  and from the reaction the band are receiving tonight, there’s not one person here that doesn’t understand everything that Hatebreed bring to the table. Nevertheless if there were some latecomers to The Concrete Confessional party, Jasta once more extends his granite filled arm to welcome them in with “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today” easily a crowd highlight.

The Hatebreed make up might well be formulaic but its precisely this accessible sound that has gotten the band to where they are today. Its a testament to the brotherhood of Hardcore, despite all three of these bands now being in the double digits each of the bands still remain. Bringing home the point that Hardcore is everlasting. In the words of Jasta himself, still here (right here), set to detonate, I see the swarm, the scavengers await” .

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