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Life used to be far simpler. The days before the distraction of social media, before the advent of the internet we were in the electric age. Tinkering with technology, we’ve springboards ourselves into the digital age, the age of immediacy, the age of absurdity.

Guitar mastermind behind some of Motörhead’s best riffs, Welsh born PhilCampbell has stepped up to the plate unveiling his very own solo record. Recorded with Campbell and his sons. Pure Rock and Roll is the order of the day here. “Freak Show” brings back memories of debauchery from the past with a pertinent and altogether incredibly current riff. Sounding more akin to what you might hear in some of Zakk Wylde‘s classic material the anvil weight of “Skin AndBones” is sure to everyone bouncing with its youthful guitar lines.

Of course there are going to be nods to Campbell’s past, particularly in the raucous Groove of “Gypsy Kiss“, bringing a punk sensibility to the record. Though it’s the Southern drawl of Americana worship that is “Dark Days” that showcase frontman Neal Starr‘s fantastic range, altogether tied in with a wah worshipping solo.

It seems there is life after death, a statement that couldn’t be more apt. Following the death of Motörhead, the legendary act that brought their performance to the masses. Yet whilst Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons might share similarities with their former group, the band have very much got their own fiery, youthful personality, especially on “Get On Your Knees“. Though the record is a solid effort, if you’re searching for any experimentation you’ll be out of luck. Then again, that’s not what Motörhead did. That’s not what the old boys do. The Age of Absurdity is a rollicking ride of nostalgia peppered with a look into a Jack Daniels lacquered future. Sure to get all the old rockers out whilst attraction a youthful following. Solid, classic, Rock ‘n’ Roll. Just like Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin.

A solid 3.5 / 5

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