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Returning once more after yet another successful year, 2000 Tress Festival will be held in Cheltenham and this year features a UK exclusive performance by none other than At The Drive-In.

Announced last night on Radio One’s Rock Show, the festival will be held between the 12th of July and 14th of July. With tickets going on sale from Feb 1st.

Joining the first headliners are Creeper, Hell Is For Heroes, Basement, Arcane Roots, Touche Amore, Turbowolf and Goldkey. With a second announcement to come later this week on January 31st, these bands at the very least have peaked my interest for sure.

At The Drive-In however will be performing their headline spot on Thursday, making this the first time that a headline band has played on the Thursday, essentially transforming 2000 Tress into a three day festival! What brilliant news?!

The forthcoming announcement of Saturday’s main stage headliner will be exclusively over at Kerrang!.

Now I don’t know about you guys but this is one hell of an announcement, a personal favourite of mine, Touche Amore have been a favourite of mine, especially after releasing the emotional tour deforce that was Stage Four. I’ve yet to see Arcane Roots but I discovered Melancholia Hymns late last year and its absolutely brilliant. I could go on forever about each band that have been presented so far but that would be folly!

Lets get pumped for 2000 Trees this year! Tickets go on sale February 1st and you can pick them up here.

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