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When thinking of legend there are few bands that truly spring to mind. Campaigning to the world that they were to be Everything Louder than everything else, Motorhead’s modus operandi was a middle finger to the naysayers. Fitting then, that following the bands dissolve that guitarist extraordinaire Phil Campbell would have an entire audience a YouTube Space London greet Phil Campbell and The Bastards with just that.

Cramming a handful of some of the biggest Motorhead fans you could think of and judging from some of the accents a few locals to the Welsh valleys,. Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons are about to make history to be the first ever Nuclear Blast band to live stream a performance at London’s YouTube Space. After a quick introduction from music journo authority Malcolm Dome, the camera pans upward to reveal those rather charming Bastards.

Kicking things off with “Big Mouth” the band burst into life as the show really kicks off. Thriving off the energy in the room both band and fans are all smiles as new tracks are rolled out with ease. Its hard to believe that a couple of hours prior to this was a stark, white canvas in YouTube Space’s underbelly and has now been painted so vividly with avid Metal fans that have come from all over the UK to be here tonight. Following the absolutely flawless renditions of “Get On Your Knees” its the classics of “Silver Machine” that really strike a chord, nevertheless “Ringleader” the bands new single proves itself more than worthy of top spot in the bands set list.

Following the incredible performance, Dome steps up to the stage for a quick chat with a beaming Campbell. Discussing, Motorhead and its demise to the new beginning of Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, its a poignant moment that none in the room shall soon forget.

Putting the past behind them, Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons have begun an exciting new journey here tonight, streamed around the world, its been an absolute pleasure to be a part of something so momentous. Cherry picking a member from the audience, whose put “on the spot”, Dome asks frontman Neal to ask the fan one simple question. Responding with “Why did you choose to waste your time with us?” and as the fan responds simply with “Phil Campbell“. I couldn’t agree more.

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