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Valentine’s Day is once more around the corner, mad to think isn’t it?! Bringing in my fiancee for her video debut, the two of us put together three gifts that would be perfect for either your boyfriend or girlfriend!

If like me, you do enjoy Valentine’s Day but find it all a bit commercial then we might just have a couple of ideas for you all! Amongst the other chocolates and flowers that might be predictable, you could always go with something a little darker and a lot more Metal. My lovely fiancee and I have put together this small list of three ideas that would work for all sorts of Metal fans all over the world on a budget regardless of gender! I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to EMP UK for sending these over!!

Without further ado, here is How To Metal up your Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a link to their site and item specific’s are in the description box on YouTube! 

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