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Easily one of the most exciting Death Metal bands going, Rivers of Nihil are a band that I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite some time now. Releasing their Spring and Summer themed albums the band enter into Autumn now on album number three and today the group have announced not only the new album but a brand new Progressive Death Metal odyssey that is “The Silent Life

Unveiling their brand new album Where Owls Know My Name, Rivers of Nihil begin their next chapter into the world of the seasons. Having finished up their previous Monarchy in the sun drenched textures of Summer it’s apt that the tonalities of Where Owls Know My Name is going to be somewhat darker.

What better way to kick off an album cycle than with a single that is seven minutes long and features some of the best guitar work that Brody Uttley has put forward to date along with an absolutely incredible saxophone performance midway through. Given this is just the tip of the iceberg it sounds as though the new record could well be the band’s most progressive to date. Which is exactly what you should hear from bands that are going to push the sonic envelope of their own movement.

It’s also worth noting that this will be the first album to feature both new drummer JaredKlein and guitarist JonTopore who could well add an interesting influence to an already eclectic band. Also looks like this is another fantastic addition to the DanSeagrave portfolio!

Rivers of Nihil’s brand new album Where The Owls Know My Name is set for a March 16th release via Metal Blade. Preorder the album in all its vinyl variant glory right here!

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