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Behold the arrival of Letters From The Colony, Sweden’s answer to Gojira.

Originality in Metal can be somewhat of a needle in a haystack to find. At times Letter From The Colony‘s genius shines through and other times their influences are worn on their sleeve. Nevertheless, Vignette, the band’s debut via Nuclear Blast is a force to be reckoned with.

Bringing together varying styles from the likes of Tech Metal, Progressive Metal with hints of Death Metal, Letters From The Colony form an interesting hybrid that bring together metallic sensibilities that will promise to enrapture you into their multilayered world of Progressive aggression. In other words, its a very interesting record that might not camouflage their influences but Jesus is it a good listen.

Its definitely not one to miss out on.

Letters From The Colony is set for a February 16th release via Nuclear Blast and you can pick up the brand new album right here! 


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