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Hard to believe that the enormity of North Carolina’s Nile has once more returned to our European shores for what is their third time round in support of 2015’s What Should Not Be Unearthed, yet it’s not without a vast change in line up. Following the departure of longtime guitarist and borderline founding member Dallas Toler Wade, the band have returned to see just exactly what newcomer Brian Kingsland brings to the fold. Not just that however but tonight, the Egyptian themed Death Metal band are also joined by the Los Angeles Death Metal luminaries Terrorizer.

Arriving to a sold out Dome tonight, it was clear that Metal fans were just as excited to see the return of Grindcore legends as they were the headline act. Igniting the first pit (of zombies) the band kicked off the evening’s proceedings with “Need To Live“. With their sonic attack bearing down on the audience it’s a relentless pace that sees limbs flying and head’s banging. Though personally the highlights of the groups set were no doubt the half time grooves the band would embed themselves in particularly on “Dead Shall Rise“s midsection. It’s clear to see why legendary Pete Sandoval was chosen for Morbid Angel’s sticks duties. Having known of Terrorizer’s legacy and their influence on Death Metal, it was a real sight to behold as the band crushed The Dome ending on a fantastic “World Downfall” unsure of just when I might have the opportunity of seeing this Grindcore pioneers once more it’s a set that remains in my mind and has made me want to delve a lot deeper into the murky world of Terrorizer.

In keeping with the theme of old school, Nile take to the stage following their imperious intro track to a heroes welcome blasting straight into Nephren-Ka number “Ramses Bringer of War“. With this being my eight time seeing Nile live, throwing in a curveball of a classic as an opener makes for an interesting change, however then I realise it’s been twenty years since the release of their eponymous debut back in 1998. Though when the obstinate arrival of “Sacrfrice Unto Sebek” arrives it’s a maelstrom of flailing arms and legs in the pit as Nile get to doing what they do absolutely best.

It’s a testament to the band’s regimented technicality here tonight as we’re summoned into the real of “The Black Flame” another early appearance of the classic Nile sound. With this being the first U.K. appearance sans Toler Wade the band perform excellently with now cemented new member Brad Parris and BrianKingsland’s guitar work proving to be even more of a capable replacement. Not to mention the addition of all three members performing vocal duties it got me thinking perhaps the new material may well have some interesting vocal dynamics.

However it’s the welcoming bear hug of Karl Sanders that brings the band home with “Yes! We are, motherfucking NILE!” as fans are ecstatic. It’s refreshing to see that the band are able to perform what is very much an old school set here tonight and not have people moaning. Throwing in the likes of “Howling of The Djinn” and the classic that is “Kafir!” its an interesting juxtapositioning of the band’s career and a testament to just how far they have come. With a new album in the pipeline I for one cannot wait to see what the band bring to the table on their latest offering yet tonight is all about a celebration of the old and what better way to do it than by closing out the set with the bellow of “Black Seeds of Vengeance” closely followed beforehand by “Unas Slayer of The Gods“. Having been around for more than twenty years now the band have cemented their place in Death Metal history, as being timeless. Similar to the perennial landmarks that are the pyramids, Nile’s history is one that will forever be forged into the halls of Death Metal and I for one cannot wait to read their latest hieroglyphics.

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