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Innovation within the Metal world can sometimes be a difficult thing to get right. Hailing from the local town of Rugby, the UK’s biggest kept secret is about to get out as Conjurer are set to release their brand new album The Mire and believe me, the world is going to notice.

Bringing the likes of Intronaut, The Ocean, Cult of Luna and Mastodon together, these four bands are some very strong accolades that you could put together with a band as young as Conjurer. Understanding the various nuances needed in creating a fantastic song, the band are focused on honing their songwriting skill in order to create some of the most enthralling music out there.

Being young whipper snappers, the band are absolutely full of energy, creating a volatile concoction of fidelity, aggression and true experimentation among other things. The Mire, throughout its seven tracks goes from the depths of aggression to the peaceful bliss in a seamless motion. If there is one debut that you check out this year, its got to be Conjurer’s The Mire.

Conjurer’s The Mire is set for a March 9th via Holy Roar. Pick up your copy right here!

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