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One of the most experimental bands that I’ve ever heard, Genghis Tron blew my sixteen year old mind and I hope that it will for anyone else who has never heard of the band.

Combining elements that blend Post Hardcore, Mathcore, Electronica and some of the most vicious vocals I’d ever heard, (I was yet to discover Jacob Bannon’s vomiting vocals from Converge, no wonder as it was produced by Kurt Ballou) Genghis Tron are a band like no other. Bringing melodic sensibilities to what is so often a metallic genre, I’ve personally never heard a band quite like them before and its fascinating to think that ten years later the record is still just as genre bending and unique. I give you Board Up The House.

Genghis Tron’s Board Up The House, deserves at the very least a listen! Check out the Spotify link here. 


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