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Be prepared to hear the most emotional album of 2018.

Love can be somewhat of a fickle mistress. Explored in numerous different ways, Texas’ own Oceans of Slumber delve deeply into the needs of love for us as humans on their brand new album The Banished Heart. Contrarily to their previous effort Winter, The Banished Heart is a fiercely personal affair for both singer Cammie Gilbert and drummer Dobber Beverly.

Having both gone through their respective trials and tribulations both prior to and during the recording of the record, it served very much as an emotional outlet for the two of them lyrically. Sonically the record takes the listener through vistas of beautiful piano, haunting vocal performance to the all out Prog sections of “Etoilation” right up to finale of the resolute “Wayfaring Stranger“. Combining genres throughout Metal with a fierce emotional narrative, I can guarantee you that you will not hear an album as emotionally charged as this, for the rest of the year.

Oceans of Slumber’s brand new album The Banished Heart is set for a March 2nd release via Century Media. Pick up a copy of the brand new album right here!

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