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Infamous for their somewhat chequered past, King 810 are a band like no other. Confrontational, frank and needing to be heard, the band aren’t one to do anything by half measures. Similarly, their incendiary Bloodstock Festival performance, arguably one of the best of the festival in my opinion, caught my eye. Now in the cold of February, the Michigan mob have returned for their own headline performance at Camden’s much lauded Underworld.

Following the heavy distortion after the black out that signals our hosts are indeed ready to entertain, “Heavy Lies The Crown” is tossed out kicking things into high gear from the moment the band come out from the curtain. Still minus a guitarist, the group manage to bring an enormous weight to the band’s sound as David Gunn, adorned with black and gold jacket stalks the stage. Throughout the performance, aside from the sold out Underworld threatening to topple over, the unrelenting lyrical violence that is unleashed to our audience tonight makes King 810‘s gaze inescapable.

Pausing to load a new sentence firing its syllables out afterwards. Making a defiant “Alpha And Omega” a real highlight of the bands performance here tonight. Ensuring that none of the emotional impact is lost, the likes of “Murder, Murder, Murder” ring out through The Underworld and despite “Boogeyman” having juvenile connotations, tonight’s interpretation is anything but! Though as much as the band’s first album might have built their foundations, personal highlights lay with”Give My People Back” as Gunn once more verbally tore threw the crowd.

Ending the performance after a short encore with “KillemAll” its a long lasting and thematically bitter taste that is left in the mouth, reminding us that no matter what people might say or think, Gunn and co have been through the trenches and more. Experiencing violence in an everyday capacity, the cathartic nature of touring the world over and spreading the word will no doubt aim to pacify the violent status that our world is in. Regardless of if you believe him or not, there’s no arguing that with a performance like we witnessed tonight, King 810 are a band that not only have something to say but will stay with you long after the performance has ended.

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