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Just as the popular metaphor was explained in Harry Potter with the legendary Fawkes, the phoenix is reborn from its ashes. In a similar but far less cheesy aesthetic, Carnifex are a band that haven’t had it easy to say the very least. Releasing their brilliant Slow Death back in July 2016, the record has since seen the band climb higher and higher up the ranks to at long last be where the band should rightfully be. Putting together a line up that would make most Deathcore fans quiver in their Slamdancing shoes Carnifex top the bill here at London’s Dome.

Nevertheless, before the mayhem of San Diego quintet takes hold, we’re welcomed into the abyssal arms of Oceano. Having spoken to singer Adam Warren prior to their set tonight at The Dome, I’m intrigued to see what exactly Oceano have up their sleeves for the audience tonight. Much of the band’s set lies in the darkness, with Warren’s inhuman gurgling weaving its way around the crowd. However when everything goes wrong that the frontman really shines. Following a brilliant rendition of the bands classic “Weaponised” peppered with “District of Misery” the group are struck down with technical difficulties that will not let up. Losing their guitars, improvising their way through the track its commendable to the bands ability to get through when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Sadly for the large crowd gathered here, following a well put together speech, that never errs on the side of preaching from Warren, the band have to cut their set short. Its a tragic shame that the group have to call it a day but where most would have floundered, Oceano brought the show to a winning end despite there not being any music. Not damaging any form of reputation in the process too!  Applause all round.


As we prepare for the main event here tonight, lets just take a moment of reflection on Carnifex’s part. Arguably bigger than the band have ever been, its refreshing to see a packed out Dome at the mercy of a band so deserving as Carnifex. Well and truly answering their call, the band come to the stage instantly igniting Deathcore pits. Weaving their way through classics the likes of “In Coalesce With Filth And Faith” the set list is varied tonight. Bringing newer bangers to the fore, album title track “Slow Death” is met with just as many grins as “Lie To My Face” later on in the performance. Yet its worth noting the band are tighter than they have ever sounded, bringing to life the more technical aspect of their performance.


With both guitarists nailing those acrimonious harmonies, frontman Scott Lewis acts as the group’s energy source igniting all sorts of mayhem in the pit with just the click of a finger. Personal favourite and Slow Death highlight comes in the form of “Drown Me In Blood“, a perfect encapsulation into the world of Carnifex in the 2018. Yet despite many believing that Deathcore could well be put out of the pasture, with the heroes welcome the San Diego lot receive here tonight, you could well be proved wrong. Sonically crushing, emotionally devastating yet never moving into the side of boredom as so many Deathcore bands fall into the trap of being, Carnifex aren’t in the twilight years of their career but more at where they should have been all along. Get yourself down to a show!

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