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If not one of the most important voices in modern Progressive Metal, Between The Buried and Me are a band that have no equal. Releasing the genre defining Colors eleven years ago now, the group have been responsible for some of the most forward thinking blends of Prog that we’ve seen in recent years.

Following their departure from Metal Blade Records, the band have partnered up with label Sumerian to deliver what could well be their most ambitious release to date. Having played with time and space, the band now turn their gaze to the world of dreams. Imagining the possibilities, and if you’re a Black Mirror fans like me, the likelihood of people one day being able to view our dreams.

Using this story part metaphor, part fiction the band have brought to life potentially their most immersive story to date. Opening the two part piece that is Automata, part I sees and introduction into this weird and wonderful technicolour dream world that the band inhabit. Setting the scene perfectly for the arrival of the album’s sister act set for release soon from what I can gather. Yet despite forging ever forwards, the band return to their classic sound all the while surging forward with new ideas on Automata I.

Understanding this idea and the entire theme behind the album is key to not feeling cheated by the record but more to the point, genuinely excited for what the band have got in store next. Watch the full video review below and see what you think of the record!

Between The Buried and Me’s Automata I is set for a March 9th release via Sumerian and you can pick up a copy of the record here. 

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