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Amid the constant source of cookie cutter Hardcore bands, TwitchingTongues stand alone bringing a classic eighties sensibility with the heart and soul of Hardcore and Heavy Metal on their new album Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred.

Understanding the make up of Heavy Metal and Hardcore, TwitchingTongues have brought together nine songs each with their own distinct identity. From the melancholic lament of “Forgive & Remember” to the metallic punch of “The Sound of Pain” the band thrive in the milieu of opposing genres to bring a theatrical imprint to a genre that many could argue has been starved of creativity for some time.

You might not think that the combination of Danzig, Sick of It All and Pantera would all combine together to make something truly worth listening to but believe me with Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred will elevate TwitchingTongues proving that the band have ideas that are far above their station and that everyone should be listening.

Check the video review out below.

You can pick up Twitching Tongues’ brand new album on March 9th via Metal Blade. 

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