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The Brighton quartet have returned with the first single from their forthcoming new record and its an absolute scream.

One of the biggest surprises of 2016 for me was the discovery of Brighton’s Black Peaks. Releasing their much lauded debut album Statues, the band pretty much caught everyone’s attention, now following their extensive touring schedule behind the record the band have revealed the first sounds of their return to the stage with “Can’t Sleep”.

Premiering over on Daniel P. Carter’s Radio One Rock Show last night, Black Peaks were the Rockest Record with the brand new track. Tackling the very real issues that we face in the world regarding xenophobia, the track’s message is just as powerful as its riffs. Combining elements from scatterbrain The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deftones and even in my opinion Indie artists, Black Peaks are doing something entirely new and most importantly very different to their peers!

Not to mention that the as yet untitled record will be released via Rise Records following their signing. I have to say that I am seriously hyped for the record, listen to the brand new single right now and then go and listen to it again, and again and again…

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