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Reverence drops this May 4th.

Breaking the proverbial internet with their return that was “Wishing Wells” (I’ve still not stopped listening to it) now the Aussie Metalcore mob have formally announced their return to the world of Metal in the form of Reverence.

Premiering their brand new (brilliant) video for new single “The Void” its a fantastic contrast to the whirlwind of aggression that was the records first single. Bringing in a far more melodic sensibility to the band, not to mention being the first example of what sounds suspiciously like clean vocals.

The band also announced an intimate one off, missing it would kill you performance at London’s Underworld this Friday, which as you might already know is entirely sold out! The video in particular for “The Void” however, is an absolutely fantastic example of interesting camera work in a minimalist setting and just how it can elevate a band’s game.

The record is available for preorder right now before its May 4th release and there’s some seriously cool vinyl variants the band have got going on. To me this could be the biggest Parkway Drive release we’ve ever heard.


Be ready.

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