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Having just recently finished their European run with Death Metal legends Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder are fast becoming the premiere Death Metal act in 2018. Returning with their 2017 effort and arguably their finest moment to date Nightbringers the band are on absolutely top form, proving that the torch may well have truly been passed on.

Nevertheless, being the frontman of The Black Dahlia Murder isn’t Trevor’s only passion. Now returning with his Metal Injection column The Obituarist, the man is a living, breathing encyclopedia of Death Metal knowledge but does it ever get tiring of being “Mr Death Metal“?

Taking the time out to chat to me, Trevor (always a dude) very kindly sat down and let me pick his brains all about the genre. Discussing elements from the idea of violence presented in the genre that we might not necessarily agree with yet still support, to the rise of Indonesian bands and of course the rabid fan base that are The Blast Fiends, I sat down with the man who knows Death Metal best to see just what his own thoughts on the genre are.

The Black Dahlia Murder’s brand new album Nightbringers is out now via Metal Blade Records. Make sure that you go and pick it up right now! 

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