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Unleashed onto the unsuspecting world yesterday was the debut EP of The Fever 333, so what does everyone think of it?

Made up Letlive’s Jason Butler, The Chariot’s Stephen Harrison and Night Verses Aric Improta, The Fever 333 are definitely shaking things up in the world of Metal. Combining elements that move from Hip-Hop and Hardcore to Metal, the band aren’t messing about. Particularly in their lyrical content.

Personally I was feeling comparisons to Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park and with the kind of scope that The Fever 333 have got for their material, I could see big things happening from their camp. Releasing without warning their debut EP Made An America the band via all streaming services the band have made their first steps into their new realm. It took me a while to get into Letlive and just when I did, they called it a day!

I’ve got to say though that the material put forward so far is very interesting and will definitely be turning some heads. What do you all think of the EP?

Pick up a copy alongside some sick merch here!


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