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For those of you who might have been familiar with Gruesome, the band are formed of members from current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation. Feeding off the carcass of Death, the band have released their now eponymous Savage Land a homage to the more brutal edge of Death, today the band have announced their brand new album Twisted Prayers and it straight out of the blasphemous, politically charged Spiritual Healing-era Death and I’m loving it!

Set to be released June 1st, Gruesome have well and truly transformed into the conduit of Chuck Schuldiner. Releasing their first single “A Waste of Life” its undeniable just how brilliant this band are at bringing that quintessential nineties Death Metal sound that was immortalised by Death and personally one of my favourite albums, Spiritual Healing.

Announcing the release of the record, the band have unveiled that it was recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard over at New Constellation Studios, it even sounds exactly as it would have, yet what I am happiest about here is the evolution of Gruesome into something that is slightly more technical rather than remaining in the vein of the classic Brutal Death Metal / Leprosy-era style Death. Not to mention the band have enlisted James Murphy (the man responsible for the original shredding solos on the record to give some guest shred.

I’ve set my calendar! You can preorder the record right here with a whole host of kick ass vinyl variants because Relapse are awesome. 

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