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Somewhat late to the party, Rolo Tomassi were a band that up until now, I had some what disregarded following the release of their Cosmology record a few years back now! However, following to ongoing hubbub that was around the release of their phenomenal new record Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, I finally caught up with the general public and had the absolute pleasure of seeing the band perform their headline set at London’s Garage and it was a thing of beauty!

Arriving just as the alpenglow melodies of “Towards Dawn” seeped their way into the audience, the metaphorical hairs were prickling as the band moved seamlessly into the arrival of “Aftermath“. Forming one seamless transition, with Eva Spence’s incredibly powerful yet infinitely vulnerable vocal delivery, remains one of the highlights of the set. Yet just as quick as the safety of “Aftermath” arrived so does it disperse with “Rituals” as the band go into their quasi banshee mode, positively tearing the audience’s heads off.

Made up primarily of new material, the band seldom look back further than Astrea, which was when yours truly stupidly decided to not pay attention to the band. Thankfully however much of tonight’s setlist celebrated the new release of the sensational new record with the likes of Post Rock fuelled “Contretemps” juxtaposed against the gnashing “Stage Knives“. Cherry picking a setlist that not only showcases the band’s excellent newer material but ensures that no fans are left out, the sense of community creates a beautiful sense of belonging tonight, particularly as the band look sheepishly into the crowd as a bashful Eva Spence declares this to be their biggest show to date. Its truly a heartwarming sight to see a band that have truly blossomed into their own ending on the poignant release of “Illuminance” is just an indication that this free spirited progression has always been there and that Rolo Tomassi are one of the UK’s brightest sparks in a long while.

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