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A match made in heaven or so the saying goes. The unholiest of matrimonies weed and Death Metal have always been a perfect pairing and what better persona than Virginia’s Cannabis Corpse. Releasing their fantastic Left Hand Pass last year, the band have at long last broken the five year cottonmouth across the UK and rolled up to The Black Heart.

To put it bluntly, there really is no other band like Cannabis Corpse. Combining the violence of Horror, with the tongue in cheek humour of a stoner, the band hardly take themselves seriously. Kicking the set off with “Sentenced To Burn One” the band bring a green tinged smile to the Black Heart tonight. With fans making their own whirlwinds in the pit it’s a feast for the eyes as much as the ears. Though personally one of the highlights is the running commentary from frontman Land Phil introducing each song from the inter dimensional weed world of “Where The Kind Live” to “Blunted At Birth“, giving a new take to the term underage smoking.

However the cameraderie would be nothing without the impact of those anvil heavy riffs which come in the form of “In Dank Purity” the freakishly agile “Individual Pot Patterns” and an absolutely searing guitar solo in “Immortal Pipes” from guitarist Ray Suhy proving that not all times does The Black Heart have terrible sound. Though personally somewhat gutted the band hadn’t performed more of their From Wisdom To Baked material, the riffs came thick and fast. Not to mention the anvil heavy blasts of drummer / beast Hallhammer the counterpart to the bands frontman. Whilst it’s all fun and games with innumerable amount of puns (a personal favourite being “Disposal of The Baggie“) Cannabis Corpse‘s real genius lies not only in their songwriting ability but their live performance. The band simply smoke the competition away and after the haze of finale “Baptized In Bud” the band emerge triumphant, looks like they well and truly weeded out the week tonight.

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