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Ghost and I have had an odd relationship to say the least. When the band first emerged with their Opus Eponymous record, I wasn’t entirely sold with the band’s sound, fast forward a couple of years and “From The Pinnacle To The Pit” was what ensnared me and has not let me go. Jump ahead again with the “Square Hammer” EP and my love for Ghost doubled, then I saw them live and there was no going back. Naturally upon hearing that the band had begun teasing their new record, with the reveal of their “new” frontman Cardinal Copia hype levels sky rocketed and now the band have unveiled their brand new album titled Prequelle and a killer new song, “Rats“.

Having always enjoyed what Ghost have put forward in terms of artwork, the sense of renaissance that each album brings is a breath of fresh air, however Prequelle’s ghoulish depiction of the Black Plague has to be my favourite to date. Consisting of ten tracks, the new album sounds like the band have ventured into far darker territory.

However, as is tradition, the brand new video for “Rats” is just as theatrical as you might expect and an interesting take on what could be seen as an antiquated concept brought forward into the modern day, though when it all gets down to it, past the mystique and theatrics its the songs that really carry this band and “Rats” is no exception. Listen to the track below and have your mind blown just as I had mine and welcome the brand new era of Cardinal Copia.

The brand new album is available for all sorts of mad and macabre preorder packages, including some amazing looking vinyl and will be released June 1st. Preorder here!


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