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Potentially one of the most marmite bands out there, Five Finger Death Punch are no strangers to controversy and returning after their trials and tribulations, the band once more move into the future with And Justice For None.

Returning after their 2015 effort that was Got Your Six Five Finger Death Punch have been somewhat in the ringer following the self proclaimed meltdown of singer Ivan Moody, the band have remained strong despite their setbacks and now begin their brand new era with what could be potentially one of their biggest releases to date. Whetting the public’s appetite with singles “When The Seasons Change“, “Fake” and “Sham-Pain” the band have been slowly but surely climbing their way up the Hard Rock food chain, not to mention having amassed 2 million + views of their cover of The Offspring’s classic “Gone Away“.

But And Justice For None sees Five Finger Death Punch experimenting more than ever, with melodies that simply do not leave your head, despite the somewhat juvenile lyrics, the band shine through on this new effort with some absolutely stellar songwriting present.

Watch the full video review below to find out more and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel The Metal Tris.

Five Finger Death Punch’s album is set for a May 18th release and you can pick it up right here! 

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