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At last, Riverside are returning with their forthcoming brand new album Wasteland.

Following the unexpected passing of long time guitarist Piotrech Grudzień after the release of the bands latest album Love, Fear and The Time Machine, to say that the future was uncertain for Riverside would be an understatement. Having recorded material with solo project Lunatic Soul as well as releasing electronic and ambient album Eye of The Soundscape last year, the band decided that they would carry on as a three piece. 

Now the time has come for the band to unveil their brand new album Wasteland (or Waste7and) at the end of September to the world alongside a European tour set for October / November and a perfect way to round off the year. Regarding the new album Riverside frontman Mariusz Duda checked in with the following :

“Our music has become more serious and more mature, so get ready for a manly and emotional album. “Waste7and” is going to be a really accomplished one. It combines the emotional character of the first two and the production maturity of the latest two releases. If everything goes according to plan (as we’re still recording), the new Riverside album will simply d e s t r o y you :)”

I’m pretty sure that has to be the first time that the words destroy you have been followed by a smiley face in Prog but hey rejoice because we’ve got a new Riverside album on the way and if you’ve been listening to any of their Instagram stories, it sounds REALLY good.

Keep an eye out for more news regarding the album and I’ll see you at London’s Electric Ballroom tickets go on sale this Friday June 1st!


Here are the full list of dates :

12.10.2018 Gdansk (Poland) – B90

13.10.2018 Poznan (Poland) – Tama

14.10.2018 Wroclaw (Poland) – A2

16.10.2018 Katowice (Poland) – Miasto Ogrodów

17.10.2018 Lódz (Poland) – Magnetofon

18.10.2018 Torun (Poland) – Od Nowa

20.10.2018 Kraków (Poland) – Studio

21.10.2018 Warszawa (Poland) – Hala Kolo

30.10.2018 Berlin (Germany) – Kesselshaus

31.10.2018 Schorndorf (Germany) – Manufaktur

03.11.2018 Lisbon (Portugal) – LAV

04.11.2018 Madrid (Spain) – MON LIVE

05.11.2018 Barcelona (Spain) – Salamandra 1

06.11.2018 Lyon (France) – CCO

07.11.2018 Paris (France) – La Machine

09.11.2018 Manchester (UK) – Academy 2

10.11.2018 London (UK) – The Electric Ballroom

11.11.2018 Sint Niklaas (Belgium) – Casino

12.11.2018 Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Tivoli Vredenburg

14.11.2018 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle

15.11.2018 Oberhausen (Germany) – Turbinenhalle 2

16.11.2018 Pratteln (Switzerland) – Z-7

17.11.2018 Neunkirchen (Germany) – Gloomaar festival

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